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7 steps to choosing a corporate gift

Step 1: Decide on the event

All corporate gifts selections kick off with an event. The nature of the event determines the type of corporate gifts to be purchased.

For events such as signing ceremonies, the gift of fountain pens, as well as rollerball pens, are most suitable, as it bring out the significance of the signing event. For events such as competitions, a wide selection of creative and innovative designs of pens will come in handy as prizes to the winners. Many occasions such as graduations, teacher's day, company's Dinner and Dance, and weddings will also benefit fron a fine writing instrument

Step2: Decide on the number of gifts to be presented

The second step in choosing a corporate gift is to find out the number of gifts that will be given out during the event. Gathering of guests' personal informations like name, age, gender and career positions will also assist you in your selection of gifts.

Step3: Decide on the budget

Having decided on the number of gifts for your event, setting aside a certain budget will certainly help in deciding the choice of gifts available to you. Price ranges for pens can vary widely, and having a budget for your corporate gift will save you, and your company, a reasonable amount of time. Our corporate sales team will be pleased to advice you on the pens that are within or around your budget.

For example, if the gifts are presented to VIPs and senior management for the purpose of a signing ceremony, the budget is likely to be higher than a gift for a school's sports day. For either of the events, Sseoww Writing Instruments have the perfect gift to recommend to you.

You can visit our e-commerce website at to have an idea of the range of gifts available.

Step 4: Engage a corporate gift specialist

Once you have decided on the event, number of gifts and your budget, it is time to engage a corporate gift specialist to help you with your selection of the best gift for the occasion.

By engaging a corporate gift specialist, it can save you time and money compared to finding the corporate gift on your own.

At Sseoww Writing Instruments, our friendly team of corporate gifts specialists is well trained to assist you with the choice of writing instruments that can be presented as corporate gifts for your company's events. We provide timely advice and assist you efficiently throughout your purchase. For all corporate gifts enquiries, kindly contact our sales team at 6338 2068 or 6338 2603 or email us at

Step5: Choosing the corporate gifts

Using our specialists recommendations as a guide, you can now decide on the pen that is most suitable for the event and within your company's budget.

Once you have confirmed your order with us, our corporate specialist proceeds to assist you through the customization process, and to ensure that every detail is carefully taken care of until the gifts are delivered to your doorstep.

It is our commitment to give you the best customer service and value that our company can offer.

Step6: Customization

Customization is the process of personalizing the corporate gifts that you have selected. There are a few ways to customise your gifts. You can engrave the name and/or company logo on the pen, or engrave text messages onto metal plates (in gold or silver plating) which can be attached to the box of the pen.

Customization creates a personal touch which gives meaning and sentimental value to the gifts when it is presented to the receiving party.

Step7: Final presentation

To deliver our best services to you as our valued customer, we provide engraving, gift wrapping and delivery services for all products that you purchase with us at Sseoww Writing Instruments.

It will be our greatest pleasure to assist your selection of fine writing instruments for your next corporate gift purchase.

Please feel free to give us a call at 63382068 and our team of specialists will be pleased assist you with your corporate gifts enquiries.

A final word: The Gift of Writing

We believe that the gift of a pen far exceeds its value in price. What you are giving, truly, is a gift of a lifetime of writing.

Many of our clients have feedback to us with stories of their pens having a 'sentimental value'. We believe in this value and hope that you too, will add this same value to the next person that you give a gift to.

We look forward to hear from you. Meanwhile, we wish you all a lifetime of writing.

Corporate Sales Team
Sseoww Writing Instruments

Email your corporate enquiries to sales team at or whatapps us at +6598338377

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