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Top 10 Reasons to own a Pen

Since 2000, Sseoww has spent much time studying and understanding the drive behind individual patterns of buying a pen and we are pleased to share with you the top 10 reasons that we have compiled over the years:

Reason #1: To write

This is one of the most fundamental and practical answer that many of our clients give. Writing is a luxury of expressing one’s thoughts and what better ways than to pen it on paper?

In this modern day and age, we are pampered to a wide selections of pens that are easily available at the nearest pen shop or online or simply a phone call away. Some pens are practical for use such as the Waterman hemisphere collection, pens that are functional to use with many purposes on them like the Rotring and Lamy multi-pen collections, and pens that are designed to impress, like owing a Mont Blanc Starwalker collection with its signature Mont Blanc floating star crown.

Even though there are many stationary pens like Pilot and Bic, nothing beats the ownership of a good fountain pen, or roller ball pen or a simple perfect pencil*, the sensation of writing gives one the perfect reason to own a pen. What better reason than this – the reason to write.

Reason #2: To give

‘My dad gave me a Parker pen when I was 16 and it’s been with me for the past 10 years! I think it’s a Parker 75 in sterling silver and I remembered that it was a gift for my graduation.’

Giving and owning a pen has its sentimental value as we discover through our conversations with our valued customers. Giving a pen adds value to the friendship or relationship between the giver and the receiver, as every time the receiver uses the pen, be it consciously or subconsciously, the thought of the giver would automatically come to mind.

Some of the most popular pens that are given away these days are the Mont Blanc pens, Waterman pens and Lamy pens. Occasions that are given away are mostly Teachers’ day, Graduation day, Valentine’s Day, and certainly over the Christmas seasons and many more. To find out more about gifts for occasions, simply click here.

Corporate companies also enjoy giving pens as their gifts because of the possibilities and variety of ways to create customization on the pens. Find out more on our corporate gifts promotion today!

Reason #3: To collect

Like a piece of art, the fountain pen has its story to tell and to collect one is a luxury that a growing group of collectors have the privilege of sharing with us. Pen collecting is not only a past time or a hobby, but also an investment over time as the pens you collect appreciate in price. Email us for a free newsletter on How to Invest on Pens.

Most collectors own limited editions for their collections, such as the Montblanc 100th Anniversary collection, the Parker mandarin yellow and Montegrappa’s Eternal Bird are some of our bestsellers. While other collectors collect by brands, by type of pens, materials etc.

Reason #4: For weddings

Wedding is a time of union of two special individuals, the signing ceremony is one of remembrance and most of the time they are marked with significant sentimental moments that are captured by the signature on the marriage certificate and the use of a good pen to sign it with. The pen is often time customized with engravings of the names of the couple and the date of the signing of the marriage certificate. See sample.

Reason #5: For corporate gifts

Companies buy pens as they are easy to give away and its chances of being used (an important fact) is important as it reinforce the company’s name on the receiver of the pen. Corporate customization such as engraving services and silk-screening of company’s logo on the pens also makes it look more professional and a great gift for all corporate companies and clients. Find out more on our corporate gifts promotion today!

Reason #6: To learn how to write

Good penmanship is common nowadays, but great penmanship is almost as rare as a Mont Blanc Hemmingway collection. How can one learn great penmanship? From writing of course! What kind of writing? The answer: Calligraphy writing and fountain pen writing.

Calligraphy writing has its origin form the Europe and it is known to improve penmanship with the constant practice of the writing of the different types of fonts. It is derived from the Greek word ‘kalla’ means ‘beautiful’ and ‘graphia’ means ‘writing’

We highly recommend our introduction to calligraphy workshop to schools, the younger the kids learns to write, the better they can be when it comes to great penmanship and character building as well

Reason #7: As a status symbol

A pen is more than a pen nowadays. As the economy grows, pens have evolved and become a luxury item to own as compared to the past where it is mainly a writing tool. In the corporate world, owning a Mont Blanc pen shows one’s status. Just like watches, in this day and age, the perceptions of owning watches have become an item of status and luxury than simply telling time.

Reason #8: Everyone around you owns the same pen

We usually term it as ‘peer pressure’. Ever notice at one time almost every other person you meet in a given profession owns a Mont Blanc Meisterstuck collection pen? The desire to own a pen is created by the person next to you who owns a particular pen, especially in the working environment where every one of your colleague and bosses owns a Mont Blanc, doesn’t it makes you want to own one too for yourself? Yes, we have noticed your environment determine the type of pen you use.

Reason #9: To give away someday

Buy now before the next price increase. Almost every brands increase their prices every year or every other year. It’s interesting to see customers who actually buy in quantity to keep and give away every now and then. Besides, you get better offers for buying in quantity starting at a minimum of 10 pieces. For quantity purchases of 10 pieces and up, kindly email us your requirements and we’ll meet your need as much as we can.

Perhaps you may one day decide to buy some pens and keep, when the time comes you will easily save the hassle of last minute shopping for gifts too. Email us or fax us and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through it.

Ask about our customization and quantity purchase today and start shopping for your loved ones now…

Reason #10: To inspire to write

Writers, architects, designers, and artistes buy a pen for the inspiration it gives to them as they create their pieces of work. Pens like Lamy, Montegrappa, Faber-Castell and Yard-O-Led are amongst the favorites of our valued designer customers.

If you write alot at work or in studies, or design alot, chances are that you have a pen that you are inspired and motivated to write with. For some it can be a pencil, others a fountain pen, and for many students we come by, a Pilot V5 pen.

Lawyers, Doctors and Accountants are also key users of the pen.

We salute to you all!
The Sseoww salute!

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